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“4 Tips To Make Your Dream A Reality” by Justine Lee

Many of us have dreams and aspirations for our lives. The problem is whether we have the courage to pursue them. “Playing it safe” has become so common in this era. Stepping out of our comfort zone may seem too risky and unwise to the people around us.

But isn’t it true that success comes to people who are bold enough to dream?

Bill Gates did not wake up one day and say, “I want to be rich!” Instead, he woke up and said, “I have an idea!”

This brings me to the 1st tip, you need to:

1) Find your passion


What drives you? What gets you excited? That is probably your passion. Ideas flows to you like a flood when you are doing something you love. You usually find your dream in the realm of your passion. Do what you love and not what is bearable.

Be who you want to be, whether it is being a teacher, writer, singer, entrepreneur, baker, chef, etc.

Take a minute to think, what is it you really want to do. (For once, forget about what others will think)

#YOLO so don’t get caught up doing something you don’t enjoy.

2) Avoid negative people


Yes, we have all heard the cliché phrase that tells us “dreams are free”. Somehow, I wonder if that has cheapened the idea of ‘dreaming’. How often do you hear people share their dreams/ideas and have another negative person shoot them down or tell them to “STOP DAYDREAMING!” This kind of people kills creativity and puts fear in the mind of the dreamer.

Some people can just say things that turn dreams into nightmares.

Constructive criticism and feedback is good. But I am talking about dream-killers here. They can’t wait to tell you “you can’t make it”. Their words are not seasoned with salt. They will put you down when they get a chance to. They won’t hesitate to give you 101 reasons why you shouldn’t do what you love.

Avoid such people. Otherwise you will slowly find the confidence to take action leaking out from your poor soul.

3) Share your dream with the RIGHT people



Before you think that you should keep your dream a secret and not share it with anyone. Here is a piece of good news – not everyone is a dream-killer. Avoid negative people but please also approach the right ones. The right people can sharpen you and take you closer to your dream.

Dreamers are never afraid to share their ideas with the right people. They have a story that is burning within them. The key is to find the RIGHT people.

RIGHT: Respectful, Intuitive, Gracious, Honest, and Trustworthy.

​Find people who are respectable and respectful. They should be intuitive and sensitive at the same time. Gracious with their words but balanced with honesty. Trust is a must. Take a good look at their track records and you will be able to gauge their trustworthiness.

4) Work diligently


This is no secret. Diligence pays dividends. If you have put in effort and hard work you will reap the rewards. Nobody becomes successful by lazing around and taking shortcuts.

Malcom Gladwell stated in his book – ‘Outliers: The Story of Success’, that it takes 10,000 hours of practice and hard work before a person becomes world class in any given field. The problem is some people put in a little work and expect immediate results. It doesn’t work that way.

Stay patient. Stand for what you believe. Fight for your dream.
Takes action and pursue it with all your might.
Persevere and keep working.
Remember, tough times don’t last, tough men do.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”
– Walt Disney

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