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“These Children Taught Me A Life Lesson” by Justine Lee

Video documenting our Soule Drop in 2010.

I really shouldn’t be blogging now because exams are less than 2 weeks away. But I have already spent the entire day studying! I guess it is okay to take a short break to blog.

The video above documented Soule’s shoe drop in 2010. I have watched it countless of times and yet it still brings me so much joy. These children live in the rural parts of China with living conditions that would make your heart wrench. But yet, they taught me something important- staying contented.

Lesson learnt: Know the difference between Needs & Wants

We always look at what we don’t have, and magnify what we lack.
Especially in this era, you hear people say, “I NEED this shirt, I NEED this bag, I NEED this. I NEED that.”

Somehow, we turn our wants into our needs.

See, the children I met had real needs: Food, clean water, thermal undergarment, footwear, shelter and proper sanitation. Yet they were always smiling. Not once did they complain about their situation. They were truly happy with what they had.


We lose contentment when we look outside of what we have, to see what others possess.

It is okay to have desires and dreams for your life.
All these kids, they have dreams too! But there is a fine line between desire and lust.


Don’t get lost in the pursuit for your desires.

Don’t let greed take over. Know the difference between your wants and your needs.
As the wise Sheryl Crow once said, “It is not about having what you want, it is about wanting what you have.”


Looking forward to my next trip to the Motherland come this May!
Will be sharing my experiences here on my blog as well. Till we meet again! 🙂

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