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Soule on The China Daily (Media Mention)

Soule was featured on the China Daily newspaper as well as China Daily Asia (online), for our work with corporations who want to do charity better!

P.S: China Daily is the largest English-language newspaper in China.

If we can influence the big guns to help the poor, the world will be a better place!

Read all about it here:
[Article Title: Singapore’s Soule Group finds its heart and soul in rural China]

Soule is also known as “爱心鞋 ” in China.

Soule’s other China media mentions:

[Chinese Media mention in China News Service (CNS), 30/01/2015
Article Title: 新加坡国际基金会乐做与世界各国友好交流的桥梁]

[Chinese Media mention in Oriental Morning Post, 25/03/2015
Article Title: 新加坡搭桥大学生创业:学校和创业社区成红娘]

To enquire about our CSR consulting services and corporate partnership opportunities for companies, reach us at [email protected]

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