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Souledier Hui Peng Reporting!

This is a post by Hui Peng, one of our Soulediers who went with us to China in our 2010 Soule Drop:

Today has been a long but great day for the 3 of us! I met Jying and Justine in the morning and we went for a great breakfast before we settled off for Kunming early in the morning.
It has been a long awaited day for the Soule team as they had been planning 3 years for this very day to give shoes to the little kids over at a school in Lincang, so that they won’t have to walk barefooted to school anymore.

I feel really privileged to be able to join their team in this trip as I get to touch the lives of these little kids as well! Believe this will definitely be a life-changing experience for me (:

Upon arriving at Kunming, we spent long hours waiting and travelling and we finally reached Lincang in the late afternoon!
I felt really excited as I know that this is the very place that we are going to change the lives of the little kids who are studying at the elementary school and they won’t have to travel barefooted anymore.

Lincang was a really beautiful place as it is surrounded by trees and mountains. We were hosted by the general secretary of the education system in Lincang and he actually brought us to a little house for dinner.


Along the way, I noticed many people walking by the road and Justine actually shared to me that many of the kids actually need to walk one hour everyday to get to school. Which means if they have school early in the morning, they’ll need to wake up reallyy early just to travel to school.

Travelling time is one thing. But imagine walking barefooted? Imagine the amount of blisters and cuts that the little kids have.
Thankful that many people have actually made the decision to support this business so that another pair of shoes can be donated to help these little kids!(:

So carrying on, over at the little house, a few villagers actually whipped up a really sumptuous meal for us! The meal consisted of many different kinds of vegetables that they have planted themselves and most of the dishes were really spicy.

Many of the dishes were also part of their local delicacy and we got a chance to try fried bees, cow’s knuckles and many more..overall, the meal was not bad!

And then after which, we moved on to our place of accomodation to put our bags and along the way, we got a chance to talk to one of the villagers as he was the one driving us to our place of accomodation.

He shared to us about how much he wanted to make a trip to Singapore since young but wasn’t able to do so cos of his circumstances and financial ability.


He also expressed that many of the villagers felt really grateful upon hearing that Soule will be donating shoes to the kids over at the elementary school as many of them can’t afford to even get a pair of shoes.
That was how much the kids there really needed the shoes. Really glad of the work that Soule is doing! (:


N all in all, this has definitely been an adventurous day for me and I believe for the rest of the members too.
Looking forward to tomorrow cos we’ll be visiting many different schools to help the little kids! I’ve learnt so many lessons from volunteering and giving 309 shoes to the children.
Time for me to rest! N hope u guys enjoyed reading this post!

Till then, cya soooon when I get to experience more and share more!
Nights peeps! (:

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