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“Back To The Place That Changed My Life” by Justine Lee

It’s only one week away from Soule Drop 2014 in Lincang, China. And I am looking forward to it! This time round, thanks to our sponsors and partner (Celebrity Trainer and CityCare) we are able to give brand new school shoes and socks to 1168 students from 4 village schools.

The last time we went, we were only able give to 1 school even though there were other children who also needed help in the surrounding villages. So I am glad we have the capacity to help more of them this time round. I can already visualize the children beaming with joy when they receive the shoes next week.

There are some things money can’t buy. And this is one of them- the joy of giving.
Giving to those who may not be able to give you back.
Helping them take a step closer to their dreams.
Letting them know somebody actually cares for them.
There are few experiences in life that could turn your world upside down and make you realize what is truly important.


Going on humanitarian trips always does that to me. I am constantly reminded to keep my feet on the ground, to see the needs around, and to realize there is a lot more work to be done.
Helping these kids may have impacted a little change in their lives, but it has totally changed mine.
When I was young, success was portrayed as having everything I want. It was about getting more. But I now understand that it is not about that.

Success is not measured by what you can get, it is measured by what you can give.

When we all leave this world, we can’t bring our money and possessions with us. It doesn’t matter if your coffin is made of gold. The important thing is whether there will be people at your funeral wake and what they talk about your life. If they talk about how you inspired them, helped them, gave to them and changed their lives, you left a legacy behind.

I want to live a life like that. Helping the poor. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the weak. And I am glad I have other friends coming along in this trip to Lincang to help make a difference.

1) John Tay

John 3
Co-founder of Soule and also my best friend since we were youth. John has been working hard to support and help me make Soule from an idea to a reality. He is truly an unsung hero that works behind the scene to make things happen. He has always wanted to visit the children, and this will mark his first trip to China. John manages the business aspect of Soule, and the operations for this trip. Ensuring the school shoes and socks reach the villages in a safe and timely manner.

2) Lim Jing Ying


Co-founder of Soule and close friend since secondary school. Jing Ying’s love for children is evident to all around her. She spends most of her weeknights helping and visiting children from low-income families in Singapore. She was in China along with us in the previous Soule drop and has been instrumental in this journey. Jing Ying manages the marketing aspect and through her work she helps to spread the story of Soule.

3) Twinkle Tay


Souledier and supporter. Twinkle has always supported and believed in Soule from the start. Although she is a Business undergraduate, Twinkle’s true passion lies in social/community work. She has readily volunteered to help us in this trip and will be involved in the distribution process of the school shoes.

4) Yue Kay Boon

kayboon copy

Also known as “China man”, Kay Boon represents CityCare and has been involved in many humanitarian projects in China. He has helped us a lot in the planning and co-ordination with the stakeholders and schools in Lincang. He was there since our first Soule drop, and this wouldn’t be possible without all his advice and help.

With an amazing team this time round, I know this trip is going to be fruitful and impactful.
Thanks to everyone who has supported Soule from the start.

More updates coming soon!

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